Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wilted Tomatoes.....

all my fault!!! i have several tomatoes in pots, i had no more room in my garden and one day of not watering them.. poof... wilted and i'm hoping that they perk up now that i've watered them... they are looking pretty sad i must say... i feel bad.. it's like not feeding your children... they languished in the sun, soon the Ministry of Wilted Gardens will visit and remind me of my duties... well not really, but hey, i've done the 'babies' a disservice... i need more space!!! then no more pots.... already i'm planning out the garden for next year.... my dream is to have enough space for growing some corn... everyone else seems to be able to grow it!! why not ME!!!

Tansy Tanacetum vulgare

(not to be confused with Tansy Ragwort Senecio jacobeae which is highly poisonous to cattle etc., but loved by the beautiful Cinnabar Moth)

is everywhere in my acreage.. it's beautiful, but falls over when its about 4ft tall.... it's well liked by bees, wasps and other manner of insects.. its a natural repellent for cabbage worms and cabbage butterflies, discourages ants, aphids, beetles and fruit fly.. apparently dried tansy can be sprinkled on pantry shelves to discourage flies..

so Thursday daughter and 2 grandkids escaped with me to the West Coast of Vancouver Island... we escaped the heat, the dry and miserable weather..... and found FOG!!! we were actually chilly!!! on the way we stopped in a few places, grandson had a dip in the river, and we just took it easy.... we went to Tofino had dinner and made our way back to Nanaimo was a great day trip..

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