Saturday, April 3, 2010

Once upon a time.....

i had a greenhouse.... for about 3 months....then we moved..... sigh!!!!  that was about 30 yrs ago.... i'd always wanted a greenhouse, finally got it, then poof, we moved about a 1000 miles away... so for another 30 yrs ago i wanted a greenhouse..... and finally......

i can't tell you how excited i am!!! the total cost of the project was about $350.00 for the materials.. and $600.00 for the labour.... the windows were my Freecycle score... i have to thank my neighbour/handydude for building it for me... now i have to get the materials for the shelving... ahhhhhh a trip to Home Depot and the Restore store.... that will be later today... can't wait!!!  
somewhere inbetween the new greenhouse and the building of the deck, i decided i wasn't getting any younger, veggies aren't getting any cheaper and materials aren't getting any cheaper either!! sooooo bite the bullet, cough up the dough and tada..... a new greenhouse is sitting next to my house.... when i get more of a cash flow, the 6mm plastic will be replaced by a twin wall polycarbonate sheeting... not looking forward to that bill!!!

my little seedlings are doing well, but need to be transfered as soon as possible... as soon as i have some sort of shelving in there, maybe later today, if i get cracking!!!

i had planned on posting this yesterday, but we had a wicked storm, a lot of rain, high winds and a 12 hr power outage... what a reminder of how attached we are to power.... my daughter and son in law have a generator, so they had heat for their lizards, power for the coffee maker and microwave and even a heater!!  such luxuries!!! as for me... i had a very quiet day, watching the trees whipping around in the wind, the rain beating on my windows and me snuggled under a blanket, sitting on my chaise lounge, with 2 dogs sitting on my feet... a good book and a thermos of tea... was very pleasant.... even had an afternoon nap... now we're talking luxuries :D