Friday, August 28, 2009

Community Gardens....

are very prevalent in the small community of Yachats Oregon.. there are several of them actually, quite a feat for a village of approximately 600-700 people...there is a beginnings of a Master Gardener teaching centre, a very nice greenhouse which is located 4 miles out of town, and a city lot sized Community Garden and all of them had their start this year... the climate here on the immediate coast is good for acidic loving cool weather plants who don't mind a dusting of salt air and a lot of mist or fog, further inland (a mile or less) is considerably different, the temperatures are higher in the summer, cooler in winter, not as misty or windy, and generally more conducive to more varieties of plants... i have friends that live approximately 10 miles inland from the coast and they get very warm in the summer, some snow and much colder in the winter.. and did i mention ... RAIN!! a LOT of rain in the winter!

The community garden is doing very well, in February just before i left, the garden was a buzz with 'tenants' who were just making raised beds, planting cold weather crops and generally turning a vacant (donated) lot into a wonderful four letter word - FOOD -!!!

note the Cloches around the corn!

The greenhouse 4 miles away was the concept of a different group of folks, who banded together, built a sizable greenhouse and have built raised beds and are continuing to build more beds which will surround the greenhouse... and they have a created a very prolific array of veggies!!

the seeds looked like some kind of brassicas but not sure..

this next set of 3 pictures is because i couldn't fit all of the 'lean-to' in one picture.. but it was built a few years ago, and was the original 'greenhouse', it's a delightful area filled with herbs and veggies... very warm and inviting... i just wish that i could have shown what it really is like!

the real Master!!

The Master Gardener - Demonstration and & Community Garden is something that hadn't been started before i left and i'm not sure of the details... i just know that there are a lot of potatoes and different kinds, and it seems different growing techniques...