Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bread baking morning....

Picture of the Day...

Scarlet Runner ... a BEEutiful sight!

mmm second day of making the Turkish Flatbread, BUT this time i changed it again... i have a great deal of trouble sticking to a recipe, can't leave well enough alone, god help me and everyone else if i was a chemist ;) ..

this time i substituted 1 cup of white flour for a 1/4 cup of millet flour, 1/4 cup of coconut flour, 1/4 cup of quinoa flour, 2 tsps of Xanthum gum and 1/4 cup of kamut flour... we shall see, i just checked the rising bread dough, and it's working!!

as for my garden, i seem to have some wee buggies in some of my pea pods... ahhh to share with nature! a PEA MOTH or 3 have arrived, discovered just how delicious they are!! i picked a bunch of peas this morning, just to take a photo of.. and nope, not even one could i find! the last one i found with the wee buggy, got fed to Sampson, who LOVES peas.. a little protein is good for puppies!!!

going to be another hot day and i just discovered that a lot of my pepper flowers are falling off...
not sure of the cause but could be wind, not enough moisture, cool temps at night.. or even all three.. have tried very hard protect them with my little reemay house and the tomatoes and eggplants seem to be doing okay, sooooo i will have to say a little prayer for the peppers and hope for the best!

Elephant Garlic flowers, loved by bees and other insects

my eggplant is doing well, only one fruit but for the west coast it's doing very well!
wee cucumber flowers, tucked under the leaves, might be needing some human pollinating help!