Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aunty Pasto how I love you....

well not really Aunty ... but Antipasto... mmmmm delicious... and something i don't often make either... it's not cheap to make, but ohhhh sooooo yummy!!!! When my children were in their teens, I'd stock the shelves with a double recipe, usually approximately 18 quarts... and long before winter was over, so was the Antipasto...they ate it with everything.. but usually a box of crackers and a pint of antipasto, they were happy happy.... this year i made only a single batch and sent 3 quarts to each household.. and 3 for me... if i hadn't run out of jars, i probably would have made another batch... the season isn't over yet, so you never know!! I don't put in the Tuna or Shrimp and the girls even requested that i don't...


4 lbs of Cauliflower
600 ml jar pickled onions (approximately 1 pint)
1 quart dill pickles
2 cans green beans
2 cans yellow beans
2 lbs green peppers
2 lbs red peppers
5 tins sliced mushrooms
1 big bottle green olives
1 tin black olives
2 tins chunk Tuna
1 tin shrimp
2 kegs of ketchup (or the big tin)
1 1/2 cup vinegar
1 1/2 cup olive oil

Mix ketchup, vinegar and oil in a BIG pot, cook over medium heat.
Chop everything else coarsely and gradually add to ketchup mixture... (drain beans and mushrooms)
Mix well and heat to boiling...
Bottle and process 20 minutes Hot Water Bath or Pressure Can 5lbs/5 mins (according to manufacters directions!!)
yum yum is all i gotta say.....