Sunday, July 12, 2009

A quiet Sunday?

a very heavy OLD plane just flew over and rattled my windows... sometimes wonder HOW such things do fly... like Bumble Bees that technically aren't supposed to fly!! Tell that to the masses that have been pollinating my garden. i love to watch them buzzing around heavily laden with yellow pollen.. and very grateful that we are blessed with them... a neighbour has a few hives and this year we've been blessed with honey bees, the past few years they've been far and few between.. being on an island we have strict regulations about transporting bees... but unfortunately some people chose to ignore the regulations and brought some from the mainland.. disaster, same as on the mainland, dying off in hordes.. i can only hope that the bees have transfered the virus or mites or whatever it is that is the problem, to the local populations.. here we have several different species of wild bees.. all wonderful to see hovering over my comfry or climbing into a foxglove flower...

MMMM breakfast ... grandbaby made her own version of 'granola' rice crispies with things she picked, cherries, blackberries, saskatoons and huckleberries.. yumm!! Thank you to all the bees and wasps, hummingbirds and any other creature that helped to pollinate all the berries and cherries!!!

sleepy Sunday mornings are always good for a doggie rest... note the ear holder (my slipper) :D

It was a more quiet afternoon, but hot, muggy and generally icky in my house... so off we (me and doggies) went, searching for the perfect photo... well we didn't find it.. but i did get some nice pics of some of the places we went to...i'm having troubles uploading them.. so you'll just have to wait!! Yay I finally got them uploaded... I went to Cowichan Bay which is on the Southern part of Vancouver Island, a beautiful area.. beach, river, fields and mountains in the background... doesn't get any better!!

Red Osier Dogwood

Red Elderberry

Red Elderberries

the corn is tall this year because of the amount of sun and heat we've had... should be a good crop (weather permitting)!!!