Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dinglehopper and Hunte Corporation...

this is more a rant than a ramble!! I just watched a CBC documentary (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for those who might not know) How Not to Buy a Puppy on purchasing purebred puppies in 'reputable' pet stores.. the pet stores maybe reputable but the Hunte Corporation where they purchase the puppies from is a company who is nothing more than a puppy warehouse, they collect puppies and ship them out to petstores... i'm hoping my american readers will be able to see the link.. i've found when i'm south of the border (in America) i can't get most Canadian t.v. links, and vice versa when i'm north of the border! ( so much for freedom of the internet) Dinglehopper is a Pomeranian who was featured in the documentary and has two Blogs... The Life of Dinglehopper the Pomeranian and Dinglehopper

Anyways thats my rant for the week ;) i watch my 2 'heinz 57' 4 legged children romp and play, i thank my lucky stars that i'm with them and that they now are healthy and charges were both 'rescues'... one as a young puppy, who'd had surgery but an infection (came home as a foster 'child')... mmm 3 1/2 yrs ago! and the other who'd been removed from his home because of a broken 'unfixed' leg and was slated to have it amputated....also came home as a foster 'child' at 10 months..... fortunately a Veterinarian Specialist from Victoria B.C. was able to repair it with a rod.. and today 2 yrs later, he runs and plays with 4 legs :D life is good!!!

Home again, home again....

the puppies are both happy happy, freedom again, i'm listening to the neighbour's rooster crowing and the ravens welcomed me back with a caw and a fly over... back to reality!
Our last couple of dinners in Yachats were delicious!! All the veggies our friends shared with us were chopped up and nothing went to waste... daughter and i made a delicious stirfry of zucchini, beans, beet greens, peppers.. we baked all the little squash and roasted the beets with rosemary, thyme and a bit of olive oil... and the best..... i made a huge container of Salsa with the tomatoes, tomatillos and onion.. unfortunately i did need to buy the cilantro and a couple of limes ... we snacked on salsa and chips all the way home...

a long 14 hr day... 9 on the road, 2 waiting for the ferry and almost 3 on the ferry....and only 1 semi serious mishap.. not bad for 4 people, 2 dogs and 2 cars! My daughter's car got beaten up on the freeway, by a piece of particle board... i was ahead of her, saw the board, couldn't avoid it, and i gather that after i drove over it, the wind caught it and lifted it... right into her bumper... at in rush hour traffic at 70 mphs there is no avoiding objects.... anyways.. the angels were with her and only the bumper was seriously injured... off to the insurance adjusters today... sighhhh

waiting for the ferry to leave!!

My garden.... oh dear... it's amazing what almost 2 weeks away can do... even with watering, there's been no substantial rainfall and everything is looking very dry and yesss... fallish... where does the time go, just seems like i planted a few weeks ago... i'm sooo not ready for fall! after making an 'inspection' of the garden... the pole beans that had taken forever to grow, finally a few beans, the purple bush beans are stalled and the beans don't look much bigger than when i left, the swiss chard looks like it's just waiting for the rainy season, the scarlet runners have a LOT of beans.... mmm what shall i make! the tomatoes did very well but look terrible... our season just isn't long enough!! the peppers are turning red and the cilantro has gone to seed!!! my little 'reemay greenhouse' is looking very sad... there must have been a good wind while i was gone, it's askew , ripped and looking very bedraggled!
i forgot to take a picture of all my tomatoes that i picked this morning! there are more in the freezer at daughter's house (next batch)! am making tomato paste... mmm tomorrow it should be ready for canning!