Sunday, April 25, 2010

Big Red..........

well we have a new arrival on the farm... she joins Randy the backhoe, Oily the delimber, Lulu the pressure washing truck ... Big Red..... she's a beautiful buxom babe with flashing red lights and a horn that would drive a fireman to his hoses.... poor Big Red was sitting out in some farmer's field waiting for just the right owner..... my son in law... she was cheap and he's got some pretty good ideas what to do with her after he does a few major fixes... apparently she was left outside with water in her pump, it froze... well u can imagine the rest!!!  he's a heavy duty mechanic and figures that it shouldn't cost too much and for the price was well worth the purchase.... so Big Red... welcome!!!   everyone was having a great deal of fun on her, especially the 'boys' big and little.. varoomm varoom... woo woo.... you name the noises and they were made by the boys umm men that is... a little boy's dream.. having a REAL firetruck some day..... ahhhhhhh for childhood!!! my youngest daughter is planning on taking an airbrake course... hmmmmm

they even gave me a ride in the back... from their house to mine!!!