Friday, March 19, 2010

Rata-tat-tat......spring vibrations...

on my roof, on several trees..... the flicker aka 'mini jackhammer' is busy busy letting the world know he's available!!! i love the sounds of spring.. the chirping robins who've arrived in hoards... the toehee that's looking for goodies on my deck, to the chickadees and nuthatches that are zipping back and forth from feeders to trees...

i was kind of sad today, i had to bury a wee robin who'd hit one of my windows... i was amazed that sampson my 'bird' dog was interested but only in passing and seemed to understand that i was feeling sad about the bird... since having feeders up he's getting much better about not chasing them and i even managed to have 2 mallards come for 2 days and borrow my 'winter' pond... 'winter' because it dries up in about june...

i also have noted the amazing number of scurrying red/black ants... i managed to save a rather large caterpiller who was vallantly attempting to 'outrun' them.. poor creature was covered with the ants so i scooped him up with a big leaf and managed to get all the ants off him... placed him over by my compost pile, where no red ants are.. and left him to defend himself again, all the while hoping that he won't just eat all my comfry or other herb that is planted in that section!!!

it's been a bit since i last posted... my kitchen has a small addition of a microwave stand and i'm in need of discovering some sort of 'treasure' to put my spices in.... i've painted my hall, put up some 'sally ann' specials and now am in the midst of having my much wanted red front door...i know it's supposed to bring good luck, but i just feel that is brings in good energy.. and a hint of the person living inside.. (or not)!!

sally ann special #1

sally ann special #2

at first look i thought they were bathing but no.. they are fishermen and

sally ann special #3

all for $15.00 each and they've been sitting in my closet for several years..

i've gotten my little seedlings going, yesterday started my tomato seedlings, their a wee bit late but lots of time before may, when i'll have my little hot house ready for them....

i've attempted further organization of my big shed and in the process of all the painting and fixing.. my little shed is back to being in an upheaval... ah well... life in the 'fast' lane huh!!!