Tuesday, September 8, 2009

From the other side....

I'm making this post because i felt it should be heard... its a letter to a Father, from a Son.....


a good man who made some bad choices.
he was always there for me when i needed it
I knew he cared. and he always made sure i knew it
but sometimes people dig a hole they never really make it out of.

he died so young. with so much left to see in the world.
like his son and daughter grow into adults.
and become parents

it feels weird to think. that ill never see that smile again.
i wont hear your voice,
or laugh at your jokes when your being dumb.

there was so much left i wanted to tell you and do with you.
and now i never will.

i want more than anything to be with you right now. and see you that last time.
hear you tell me that everythings gonna be alright.
because that the one thing you always had.
hope that things would get better eventually.

and you were right. things are alot better now
your in a better place. somewhere where you can escape your addiction. and be yourself again. the man i lost to drugs years ago.

i will see you again someday dad. i dont know where or when/.
but ive still got some things left to do down here.
so until than, i will be thinking of you.

because no matter what happens. your still my dad. and i still love you

Happy birthday dad. i hope wherever you are, your enjoying it.

the young man who wrote that letter was just turning 16, when the father was murdered, and in the news reports was just a 'homeless man'..... they forgot to mention he was also a father and loved...
the young man posted this on Facebook on the anniversary and birthday of his father...i asked him if he minded if i posted it on my blog, and he said he wanted people to read it, to understand he wasn't just a homeless man...

i see 'homeless' folks often these days, for whatever reason they are on the streets, all of them have a history, a story, a life..

sometimes we forget....