Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sucking it up....

i'm really not sure what is going on, but my blue water barrel has been a watering hole in the past few days... hoards of bees, several different species, and wasps have been drinking madly...i've observed the bee 'dance' they do to let the rest of the gang in on their findings... odd stuff i say... if anyone can tell me why the odd behaviour please do tell!!!

sooooo more buggy events... did i ever mention how much i love insects ;)
this wee jumping spider, species unknown, found lunch on the windowsill... i didn't have my camera handy on viewing the initial pounce but did get it out for the remainder of the 'event'... i must say i did feel badly for the fly... hard way to die...

one has to admire the tenacity of the spider to hang on to his dinner...i removed spider and fly from windowsill to outdoors to take 'better' pics... moved them around several times (for better lighting) and not once did the spider let go... i guess lunch was tasty!  

outside in the garden i didn't have my camera but there was a difficult drama going on, a poor honey bee and one very determined red/black ant...in the hopes of saving the bee i had to detach the ant from the bee several times, mr/ms ant just came coming back for more.. finally with a dry stalk of grass and a good flick the ant went for a flight of his own.... as for the bee.... i put him/her in my garden in what i hoped was a safe spot... at least for a short while!