Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rainbow Bridge....

for Max the dog.. who was Diane's trusty sidekick for years... safe journey my friend...

Three score and ten are given to man,
But ours is a much briefer span.
So, though I give you all my heart,
The time will come when we must part.
But all around you, you will see,
Creatures that speak to you of me;
A tired horse, a hunted thing,
A sparrow with a broken wing ...
Pity - and help (I know you will)
And somehow, I will be with you still;
And I shall know, although I'm gone,
The love I gave you lingers on.
--- (Author unknown) ---

The list....

is short... for packing... arrange the car so all bought goodies and a value list are out and open, everything else tidy.. muzzles (in case we get searched) and leashes for impromptu stops.... dog biscuits just because... and dates for me... and WATER... a pillow and blanket ready for resting... and we're good to go... now i just have to make my mind want to go... the time is nearing... spring is here, gardens are waiting... i'm getting the car ready today because our beautiful weather is slated to end soon... rain is coming once again.... so figured a nice sunny day is a good day.... will get almost everything organized and ready to pop in the car...... sigh... it always makes me sad to leave.. i love my friends here, they are like family.. thats the beauty of a small community...
i'll be heading north to visit my 'family' who live at the base of Mt. Baker... they live in a cottage, at the end of a lane... its secluded and beautiful too... a good transition for dogs and me...