Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dinglehopper and Hunte Corporation...

this is more a rant than a ramble!! I just watched a CBC documentary (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for those who might not know) How Not to Buy a Puppy on purchasing purebred puppies in 'reputable' pet stores.. the pet stores maybe reputable but the Hunte Corporation where they purchase the puppies from is a company who is nothing more than a puppy warehouse, they collect puppies and ship them out to petstores... i'm hoping my american readers will be able to see the link.. i've found when i'm south of the border (in America) i can't get most Canadian t.v. links, and vice versa when i'm north of the border! ( so much for freedom of the internet) Dinglehopper is a Pomeranian who was featured in the documentary and has two Blogs... The Life of Dinglehopper the Pomeranian and Dinglehopper

Anyways thats my rant for the week ;) i watch my 2 'heinz 57' 4 legged children romp and play, i thank my lucky stars that i'm with them and that they now are healthy and charges were both 'rescues'... one as a young puppy, who'd had surgery but an infection (came home as a foster 'child')... mmm 3 1/2 yrs ago! and the other who'd been removed from his home because of a broken 'unfixed' leg and was slated to have it amputated....also came home as a foster 'child' at 10 months..... fortunately a Veterinarian Specialist from Victoria B.C. was able to repair it with a rod.. and today 2 yrs later, he runs and plays with 4 legs :D life is good!!!


Mr. H. said...

We have always had pound puppies and stray cats, I agree with you regarding the puppy mills. It's very hard for me to understand why anyone would buy a dog when the pounds are full of ones that desperately need to be adopted.

Unfortunately it is like everything else these days, people just don't seem to care that much. Why support big agriculture instead of your local farmers market? Why buy the meat of tortured animals instead of those raised properly? Why drop your cats off in my driveway because you have been to lazy to get yours fixed...and on and on.

I recently saw a show on television about the terrible conditions that animals in the big cites very sad.

So you and I do what is right to the best of our ability and hope that others follow suite. Thanks for this post and links, perhaps it will inspire others to think before "purchasing" a pet.

Roasted Garlicious said...

between my daughter's house and mine, 5 dogs, 3 are pitties and my 2... all needed homes and found a heaven.. my profile pic (Poomba) is also a cast off as are all the birds in the barn and the stray kitties that people have dropped off as well.. so sad that a lot of humans have lost the ability to have compassion... daughter did have a couple of steers a few years ago.. they had names, romped in the field until it was 'time'... as she said, at least they had a good life until the end ... of our chickens we had, 1/2 were slated for the chopping block... LOL none got eaten! we no longer have the chickens or poomba, but they were given to a friend who wanted a few chickens and loved poomba..

Michelle said...

Thank-you for helping to spread the word.

- Michelle (Dingle's owner)