Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A rainy day....

the last Iris in my water barrel

this also was in the water barrel, not sure what it was, will have to go have a visit in pond nursery :D ahhh what an excuse ;)

the endive from last year is blooming and i'm going to let it go to seed... and yes it is a member of the chicory family

Dyers Chamomile, which is used for dying fabrics and wools... i had other varieties of chamomile but this one is the most hardy and i can find it almost anywhere in my garden, the others didn't make it through last years harsh winter...

as much as i hate it.. i'm glad it's still raining.. 2 days of it.. our poor momma earth was thirsty! it's been a very dry spring and early summer... i made the decision to water my garden even tho it's costing me a pretty penny, but on the up side, i think that i'm still going to come out on the 'profit' side... the cost of water and seeds/plants is still going to be less than if i bought the veggies and fruits and i know that not a lick of chemicals has been absorbed by my plants... eating a 'real' veggie is worth it all :D...

it's my birthday today.. 59 yrs and 7 months i've been on this earth... all i can say is that i hope i've done it okay and not destroyed too many things in my path...we humans are a destructive bunch in general... anyways.. nothing planned for today.. i think only the immediate family know it's my birthday and we're going to go see Harry Potter next week instead of doing something today... my childhood love of the big screen will be satisfied for a while :D

my neighbours are on my extremely bad list today... daughter told me that their dogs (which they let loose) killed our fawn that we had in the lower field... i can't blame the dogs, i blame the owners who are irresponsible and don't give a damn that they've caused the deaths of several animals... my kids and i have always loved to see the animals in the fields and made this a safe haven.... well just to be called nutty... i just looked out the window and lo and behold are 2 deer... may they live in peace :D

woohoo... the little buck came back and i got this picture... don't know where the doe went but i'm sure not far behind.... what a nice b'day present :D

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