Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Veggies from my garden!! Made a couple of zucchini loaves, a couple of stir frys... life is good!

my daughter's garden is small but lovely.. full of roses and foxgloves, sedums and other pretty flowers i wasn't sure of...

and where have I been? well........... life has definately had it's ups and downs... so slugging along..
i'm back to me and the dogs.. daughter and kids moved to a very nice suite, close to town, bus routes, schools and other trappings of a city... makes me very happy to be where i am, far enough away to have some quiet, close enough to run into town when i need to...
i got my garden going and have several more small raised beds...my neighbour came and did an awesome job of building them... and yes, they are full up already!
had my softball season which was wonderful as usual... but alas, is done for the year... to short for me, but such is life!

my garden is growing like a weed... i've been eating a lot of it.. stirfry, salad, and my oh so favorite way... as dessert... wandering around checking on all my little green friends, nibbling on peas, raspberries, strawberries... not a bad dessert huh!
had a bear visiting awhile ago and nibbling on grass.. not my garden!! YAY for mr bear.... had the dogs going crazy tho..
been doing a bit of sewing again, made some little dresses for grandbrat #3... found a desk that i can sew on, space and counter space is a great shortage here... if i cleaned out my wonderful shed/studio welllllll i'd have some room!! been gathering snippets of tiles for my 'someday' mosaic... when the mood strikes me i guess!! am a tad slow at things!

i've been reading a lot of blogs and admiring their creative writings, photos, crafts and whathaveus... some pretty amazing folks out there... i'm especially inspired by the self sustaining folks.. back to basics for the most part.

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