Friday, April 1, 2011

When April Comes.......

When April Comes!

When April comes with softly shining eyes,
And daffodils bound in her wind-blown hair,
Oh, she will coax all clouds from out the skies,
And every day will bring some sweet suprise,--
The swallows will come swinging through the air
When April comes!

When April comes with tender smile and tear,
Dear dandelions will gild the common ways,
And at the break of morning we will hear,
The piping of the robins crystal clear--
While bobolinks will whistle through the days,
When April comes!

When April comes, the world so wise and old,
Will half forget that it is worn and grey,
Winter will seem but as a tale long told--
its bitter winds with all its frost and cold
Will be the by-done things of yesterday,
When April comes!

Virna Sheard


Out on the prairie said...

A nice verse to welcome in the month.It looks like a quail on your birdbath.

WeekendFarmer said... that a quail?....look for eggs! I wish there were wild quails here in Jersey : (

Happy Spring!

Roasted Garlicious said...

Thanks Out on the prairie and WeekendFarmer
i thought it was a fitting poem to welcome April... we do have wild California Quail around here, but now with my 2 4 legged brats they don't come as close to the house anymore :( i need a cash infusion and some labourers to make a nice fence for the 'children'....

Annie said...

I came across your blog from Carpe Diem...I see you are close to Nanaimo?

My hubby and I were both born and raised on the Island, and still have lots of family and friends there.

I'm following your blog now :)

Roasted Garlicious said...

thanks Annie :D i've lived most of my life here as well.. or close to here.... lived on the prairies for 10 wonderful years too... :D