Sunday, August 30, 2009

Up River.......

soooooo pretty!!!! i have friends that live up the Yachats River... it's a delightful place, often sunny and warm when by the sea, its raining or drizzling!! Quite a different climate than down river on the coast, not so foggy, not so grey, much warmer in the summer, colder in the winter, and sometimes even some snow! The garden/greenhouse is much different than at the coast.. up river they can grow corn and squashes, there are fruit and nut trees and they grow mushrooms, as well as picking wild ones!

their greenhouse has no raised beds, but to keep the weeds down they have used a plentiful supply of cardboard with straw over top..

turtle heaven!! this little fellow needs the extra heat and security of indoors...

these turtles live in the greenhouse, they have their own garden.. nothing like fresh produce!!

Hops!!!! mmmmbeer... not that i drink it, but i've heard that my friend makes very good beer....

the chicken coop is beautiful!! unfortunately due to the number of predators they need to be contained..

note the stained glass window!!! luxury for chicks!!

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