Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Flying and Fennel....

it's Swallowtail larvae time!! Throughout the years i've tried to let the garden grow, all of it, including insects and in my 'world' it's full circle, i try to stay out of the affairs of the inhabitants and let nature take it's course... today i found 3 Swallowtail larvae happily munching away on my Bronze Fennel.. the new seedlings, not my older well established Bronze Fennel.. and no i did not plant them... they 'appeared' in the garden this year, so i left them, only pulling out or transplanting those that got in the way of my Tomatoes or Leeks.. my theory on gardening is that it's only a weed if in the wrong place... most plants are valuable and if they should decide to grow in a certain spot, then it must be the right place! i'm afraid my garden isn't the wonderous rows of particular veggies or herbs, but i have a pretty diverse group of plants in a fairly small area!

mmmm pickles!!!! Refrigerator pickles to be exact... i already have quite a few jars of bread and butter pickles in my 'larder' so i really don't need to go out of my way to make more, but i had 4 very long cucumbers to use up... so i got out my Messermeister Gourmet Selection Mandoline Slicer which i bought at Judith's Kitchen Tools in Yachats Oregon... was one of my better kitchen gadgets that i've bought over the years!! i added a hot red pepper and seeds to the pickles to give it a kick.. already tried one of the slices with a seed.. WHEEEEE my mouth suddenly had a warm fuzzy kick... yum yum!!

Refrigerator pickles
4 cups sugar
2 cups apple cider vinegar
1 tsp. tumeric
1 tsp. celery seed
1 tbsp. pickling salt or Kosher salt
1 onion ( i used a sweet onion)
1 or more peppers ( i used 2 of my green peppers and 1 one red hot pepper)
and enough cucumbers to make an ice cream bucket worth (about 8 cups )
mix the sugar, vinegar, tumeric, celery seed and salt... pour over the veggies and stir gently...
put in ice cream bucket or glass jars ( i used one of my gallon jars)
put in refrigerator and let sit for at least 24hrs... will keep in refrigerator for a LONG time... yum yum!!
my next 'job' is to preserve my gallon of blackberries myself and a friend picked yesterday... she has a 'bluff' behind her house, a wire fence at the top, and all the blackberries one could ever need, behind the fence and falling over the fence... fortunately we picked yesterday as it's raining this morning.. YAY!!! supposed to clear and warm up this afternoon... the garden will be happy happy.....


Ruralrose said...

Are these also called ice cream bucket pickles - doesn't matter I am going to make them right now, thanks - peace for all

Roasted Garlicious said...

yes i believe that they are ice cream bucket pickles.. at least one version of them.. enjoy!!
i just chose to put mine in a glass jar as i'm not keen on plastic...

Sande said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog a few days ago. Your pickles look great, as do your garden veggies. My cucumbers are no good this year so I guess I won't be doing any pickles. Although I did make some Zucchini Relish that my husband likes.

Emily said...

I like the idea of refrigerator pickles. I had to buy cucumbers to make my bread and butters this year so I was wondering what I should do when my plants actually produce something. I could scale down the brine and make these!

Thanks for visiting my blog.