Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday afternoon was sooooooo FUN!!!!

we went for a journey, 1 daughter, 1 granddaughter and me... went to Victoria B.C. (not too far from us) and went to the Victoria Bug Zoo.... wooohooo bugs galore... BIG bugs galore!! there were a lot of mantis, stick bugs, centipedes, millipedes, tarantulas, ants.. if your on the island and in Victoria and have children (well even if you don't ) its great fun.. make sure that u go around with a guide because it's well worth it! they had several guides at one time, so if you could switch if you liked...

here's a short video.. sorry about the quality, but i wanted to show it because 'they' make a tea from the Malaysian Jungle Nymph Walking Stick poop... mmm yummy ;)after our host told us about the insect, then he put it on the ground and she proceeded to dig a hole to lay and egg....

laying an egg

mmm cockroaches

bush crickets... and yes they were very LARGE

just hanging around
will post more pics tomorrow... i'd go back there any day... we stayed for over 2 hrs., watching and listening to our hosts...

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