Friday, July 17, 2009

Momma and her Fawn......

was spotted by me this morning... and the 4 legged childrend didn't see!! so momma and baby wandered by, grazing at the edge of the bluff, where all the tall trees and shrubs are. Was a pleasant site indeed!

am making another batch of the Turkish Bread, i gave away 3/4s of what i made last time and it's nearly gone... very tasty and seems to be holding up to being on the counter for a couple of days... a good sign for a home made bread!

am slowly getting my sewing area cleaned out and a bit more organized... difficult when i'm in such a small space, but i've got a quilt thought and can't wait to get it started!!

i've been saving grandbaby's drawing and finally scanned them today, and will print them out on the PhotoFabric that i bought.. i'm going to make a throw quilt for daughter's birthday in September... i think it's going to be cute... grandbaby doesn't care for colour much, but does great pencil drawings of Pokemon and other cartoon characters so i'm going to intersperse her drawings with some nice fabrics that i have bits of... should be fun i think.. and not terribly difficult, will be a scrap-athon!!

picture of the day-----
i'm not sure if the inhabitants are alive or dead, but momma wasp must have thought a fishy mouth was perfect! it's been there a couple of weeks, just as you see it and i'm hoping that they are a bust and not just waiting for the perfect moment to hatch!!

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