Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bountiful Beans.....

yummy yummy, beans and more beans!! and did i mention zucchini and cucumbers AND my first eggplant!! behind it is a lovely bouquet of kale, swiss chard and cilantro.. the cilantro is bolting like mad, so decided i needed to pick the flowers, so i'll get longer use out of it... i'm thinking a stirfry this evening.. yum yum!!!
yesterday i had to leave the house, was sooooo hot, so off the puppies and i went... and went and went.. drove from Nanaimo to Port Alberni and then over to uculet.. was a lovely, abet, very HOT drive.. we stopped in several places for puppy drinks and wading in water.. felt so good!!!
stopped in Port Alberni to check out the Mars Water Bomber..they are located on Sproat Lake in Port Alberni and being used as water bombers for forest fires... next time i go, hopefully will be much cooler and i'll be able to go into see them better... if your familiar with the fires in california last year, they were utilized there... as well as forest fires in b.c.

on the way back fro Uculet i took a picture of the temperature in Port Alberni... was more than a little toasty... the humidex figure was much higher... 41 celcius is 105 Fahrenheit... so yep yep.. toooooo hot for me... it's not so bad when you don't throw in the humidity factor..

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