Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two fat birds........

are sitting on a wire, just above my kitchen window.... all week i've been travelling around and enjoying the early spring feel.... listening to all the different birds in the marshes.... the oregon coast is littered with marshes... it's a wonderful place if your a marsh bird... for now that is..... i'm thinking our 'recession' is a good thing and hopefully the march of building will be curtailed for awhile... a bit of repreave for the animal kingdom.... unfortunately in my marshy travels i've seen more garbage than i have animal/bird life... rather sad don't you think :(
the past week has been pretty nice, not much in the way of rain or clouds, so i've been making up for lost 'good weather' time..... i've been to florence a few times and over to eugene... mmmmm Trader Joe's triple ginger cookies were a high priority... i bought 2 containers of them, for my return trip... and NO i'm not going to eat all of them as i'm driving!!! they are for the family... or so i'm telling myself ;) i bought a container of Trader Joe's low fat yogurt (plain)... i was amazingly suprised at the texture and taste... very good product... the past few mornings breakfast has been Nature's Path pumpkin flax granola, fruit and a generous dollop of yogurt... mmm yummy.... almost reminds me of 30 yrs ago, when it was a daily breakfast ritual of homemade yogurt, fruit and homemade granola.... i'm not much for the bacon/egg platters ... before i came south i'd never eaten the 'hearty oh so not so healthy' bisquits and gravy.... probably just as well... could be dead by now!! to me, it seems like a royal heart attack on a plate
i found some prepackaged 'eggo' type waffles that are pretty good.. gluten free... those are reserved for a sunday morning breaky ...
watched the documovie... Sicko ... a Michael Moore production.... i thought it was pretty good actually... after knowing of a woman who will most likely die because she's exhausted her funds and the 'company' won't let her past the door without cash in hand... grrrrrrrrrrrr... how can that be so, in a country that is so wealthy... how sick is that.... i could rant and rave, but i'm sure it would push up my blood pressure!!!
another week or so and i'll be returning north... just like the snowbird i am... i tell ppl that when i go north, it's a sign that spring is here... at least on the west coast .... poor easterners are buried in the white stuff and no respite yet.... UGHHHHHHHH give me rainnnnnnnnnn and more rainnnnnn... :D

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